¡ENVÍO GRATIS! Solo en libros y Biblias desde $24.95 en adelante, en Puerto Rico y Estados Unidos.
¡ENVÍO GRATIS! Solo en libros y Biblias desde $24.95 en adelante, en Puerto Rico y Estados Unidos.
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Psalms for Joyful Living Gift Book


The Psalms for Joyful Living Gift Book will give you plenty of reasons to rejoice and give thanks for God's grace-filled plan for your life. Gratitude is the antidote for anger, worry, and fear, and it is the fuel for a happy and content life and this little book will become a tool in the fight for joy.

A graceful dragonfly in soft pastel pinks and purples is featured against a lilac background on the sturdy, heavyweight cardstock front cover. UV coating and purple foiled foliage add an interesting texture and a little bit of sparkle to a beautiful design. The title is foiled in purple and gold. 

 Psalms for Joyful Living 

A presentation page on the first page can be completed when this little gift book is given as a gift. A Table of Contents lists 39 themes that each feature several verses taken from the Psalms. These themes include anger, blessings, confession, death, eternal life, faithfulness, God's faithfulness, help and comfort, joy, long life, patience, redemption, sin, the needy, victory, wealth, and more. Each page is filled with Scripture verses taken from the poetic Book of Psalms. You are sure to find the antidote to life's negatives with Scripture that focuses your mind on the comfort that comes from a living life with Christ.

The Psalms For Joyful Living Gift Book is part of a range of small inspirational books, called Words of Hope. This range includes Prayers to Bless Your Heart, Promises For Every Day, and Proverbs For Your Daily Path

Share the beautiful poetic promises from the Psalms with a friend who needs encouragement when you wrap the Psalms for Joyful Living Gift Book as an encouraging gift or keep a copy on your own nightstand to counteract worry in your search for joy.

  • Dragonfly Design 
  • Words of Hope Range 
  • Purple and Gold Foiled Title 
  • UV Coating 
  • One Color Insides 
  • 127 Pages 
  • 39 Themes 
  • Size: 5.9" x 4" x 0.3" (150 x 102 x 7 mm)
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